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InThePath.com is a site run by a small group of hybrid Software Engineers and Meteorologists. All programming and content creation is produced in personal time and are the direct result of our passion for developing new ways for Information Technology to advance the science of Meteorology.

The concept behind the software we are creating is exciting to say the least. We are developing a package intended to aid storm chasers/spotters in maintaining thier equipment, managing thier operating costs, and providing a seamless process of entering reports and information for dissemination to the public via the web, or to local law-enforcement and NWS offices. The plan is to provide a large amount of extensibility in the package so that it can someday be integrated into an event processing system that will take into account multiple reports from numerous distributions of the software, and recreate a weather event from geospatial and temporal information. An example would be combining sixteen chaser's reports of a tornadic event, with thier loactions and times provided from GPS and approximate headings to the tornado, and ending up with an approximated tornado path even before the NWS sends a team to the region. This would be vital information for emergency services, as well as allowing the NWS to narrow thier search for the damage path.

Read more about our plans HERE.

But first things first... InThePath.com is actively developing, implementing, and demonstraing the ChaseManager concept, which is the integrated chase archiving and visualizing tool. It consists of a MySQL database with more than 49 tables, a back-end administrative GUI for inputing information about chase operations, and a front-end GUI used by the public to view the chase-related events that one enters.

We utilize open-source server-side components, such as MySQL and PHP, producing standards-compliant CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript documents, and intend to eventually release free source code for our finished products. Your input is greatly appreciated and you can send any comments to Bob Fritchie at development@inthepath.com.

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